Advantages Of Being In A 4 X 4 Club
By: Tom Mueller

I have been a member of the Wolverines since about 1995. In that time I have learned a lot of advantages of being in a club some of which I would like to share with you.

My first run with the club was to Drummond Island in November of 1994. At this time Bill Paquette's brother, Joe told me about the club and that they don't mind a rookie joining them on a run. Joe was more than right. I was welcomed with opened wheels, err arms. At that time I had a Bronco II that I drove back from Alaska and the tires didn't have much tread left. I was told that I should be all right, as most of the island is rock. They were right, I didn't have any trouble. By the end of the trip I was planning on joining the club.

In the years that have past I have seen new members join and leave. I don't know what the reason is for them to leave but I feel that is their loss when they leave.

Several of you know that I am NOT a mechanic and being in a club introduces you to a wide variety of people, a wide variety of occupations, and a wide variety of people that have a lot of skill. If you need work done on your truck, jeep, or car you can inform people that you would like to have a workday on your vehicle. You supply the parts, and if you have them the tools, and other members will show up to get greasy, to shoot the bull, and maybe even to work!

This just doesn't stop with just working on vehicles either. I have been told that club members have also built pole barns, garage additions, and even a whole new garage! I am talking, rather typing, about framing, electrical, plumbing, drywall, mudding, taping, painting, you name it club members can do it!

Moving day. For those of who need to move, club members have helped others move. Ask Mark Lott, who recently moved earlier this year. My turn will coming up next year, I won't tell you when so you canít say you're busy that weekend!

As a member of the Wolverines you are also a member of Great Lakes, which is the Mother of all the local clubs. These other clubs sponsor runs that you can attend. One of these runs is to West Branch for the annual Sno* Blind in February. This has become a very popular run and the club that sponsors it gets a tremendous turn out.

Out on the trail is a lot of fun. You are doing what you enjoy, four wheeling, and you are enjoying it with other club members that have become your friends. Breakdowns are worked on, fixed, teased about, and if it can't be fixed you are towed back to camp where it will be worked on more to get you back out on the trail.

Last May coming back from the Smokey's my right front wheel bearing blew. Scared the heck out of me. We were on the side of the road for four hours while we made repairs to get me going again. All of us in the convoy stayed together until I was fixed. A great advantage of being in a club, we don't leave anyone stranded, regardless of where we are.

I am sure that there are more advantages of being a member of a four-wheel drive club. If you can think of any more please write an article and share with us your reasons for being in a club.